The challenge of writing three words for 2012 got me here - back to my neglected website, updating the homepage, and diving into the world of blogging - something I have been hesitant to do. So with these words...breathe, undaunted, intention - I begin a new chapter. Will it lead to the publication of my book? A career in writing at some level? Will I keep it up as I never could with the many diaries started so enthusiastically as a child, a teen, a young adult? We shall see. Perhaps my writing friends will help me stay on the page. Perhaps this will be my one and only entry. A limited edition blog.

In the mean time - my words...a challenge from a friend and fellow writer E. Jeanne Harnois who was challenged by a Chris Brogan article. The idea is to replace the traditional New Year Resolutions with three words. Instead of a towering list of do's & don'ts that generally doesn't make it past the first 12 days of the year, come up with three words that will serve as a guide through the next 12 months. More like a personal anthem than a wagging finger. 

Breathe: I forget to do this - whether it is breathing in the air outside or transitioning from one activity to another. I forget to take a moment and just breathe between thoughts - my own or those thrown at me from someone else. All too often I don't take those few seconds to simply inhale and exhale before shifting gears, to be present, to give myself the basic elements of life. I need to slow down and take in my allotment of air.

Undaunted: I want to stay on track. I want give my inner voice her due - since she is generally the one who knows best anyway. Instead, I tend to give everyone else the benefit of the doubt. I cave in to fear and the shadows of my own doubts all too often. I am far too cautious when I want to be fearless. I can get overwhelmed to the point of distraction. This is when I need to breathe. 

Intention: I lose my way because I forget where I am going. I go off on detours - my own and others'. I need to ask at each turn whether it will serve my goal or take me so off track, it will be difficult finding my way back. 

I suppose it's a lot easier to carry three little words around for the next 365 days than a heavy list of do's & don'ts. Still, best just to focus on taking it one deep breath at a time and maybe keep flossing from that New Years list - now that I don't have to do it more than once a day or past January 12th.   

What are your three words?

6/5/2012 03:30:51 pm

Three words: Always show up


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