1/4/2010 08:14:38 am


Susan H
1/7/2010 11:02:35 pm

Well done Lori! You've really taken made this event special!

1/8/2010 02:34:20 am

Nice job, Lori. Very comprehensive.You sure have been working hard on this series--I admire your dedication and applaud your efforts! On behalf of writers everywhere--especially here on the Central Coast--thank you so much!

Shirley Ginzburg
1/11/2010 02:47:58 am

Great new website. Looking forward to fun times at Cava in the coming year.

Wanda Sue Parrott
1/17/2010 10:46:11 am

Looking forward to being there. Your great web site holds great allure. If I cannot make it until daylight lingers longer, it's because at age 75 I cannot drive like I did--with the equanimity of a whizbang teenager and super-savvy fiftysomething with great night vision. I got too old too fast. But if you can recommend a good place to stay, I might make it an overnighter. That way, I can drink some of that fine wine and NOT drive.
Wanda Sue Parrott

1/17/2010 10:51:06 am

I second the comments of Wanda Sue Parrott. I am one of her 18 noms de plume and, as such, am currently the Senior Poet Laureate of Louisiana. You can look me up in the Golden Words link at
Edgar Allan Philpott
Senior Poet Pseudonym

1/4/2012 02:48:10 am

WOW ... what a mirror, did I write those words this week I said to myself? Is this every writer's dilemma ... everyone's? I love Breathe, Intend, so well put ... and especially UNdaunted. You inspire me. Perhaps we can start some sortof on-liner coaching support group.

PS What server/program are you using for your/this blog?

Lori Kearney
1/4/2012 03:37:27 am

Hi Pat - thanks for the nice post. Love your 'support' group idea. I am using Weebly for the web site. VERY user friendly. No need to know html or whatever language you need to speak to create it.


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